People Not Allowed, January 14, 2017No Walking Visitors PermittedFootprints of Hardy FanGrieving Child, May 6, 2016No Parking on Main Parking StreetFence Emptied of MemoriesSnow Removed Across StreetWooden Cross & Letter, May 6, 2016Rest In the Arms of the Lord, JoAnna, North Branch, MNLove Symbol, Prince Drawing, May 6, 2016Minnesota Prince, May 6, 2016Admirer's Hearts, 12-15-22-5 L-O-V-E, Locked to FenceAdmirer's Hearts, 12-15-22-5 L-O-V-E, Locked to FenceRIP Prince, Signatures, We Love You, May 6, 2016RIP Prince, We Love You, May 6, 2016Rest In Peace, Purple Bouquet & Glass Dove, May 6, 2016Purple Ribbon Heart, May 6, 2016Purple Star Balloon, Prince Drawing, May 6, 2016Purple Knit Raindrops, May 6, 2016Remembrances & Memorabilia, May 6, 2016