Aurora Dickie and Norton FantinelService Flags, Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, DCVietnam War Memorial, Nat'l Cemetery Ft. Snelling, MNVietnam Veterans Memorial, "The Wall", Washington, DCTraveling Tribute, Minnesota Fallen, Victory Memorial Monument, Robbinsdale, MNVietnam Veterans Traveling Tribute, State License Plates, Victory Memorial Monument, Robbinsdale, MNLicense PlatesThe Three Soldiers, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington, DC. Frederick Hart, 1984From, The Three SoldiersFrom, Nurses Bronze Memorial, Glenna Goodacre, 1993.Salute, Arrival, Ft. Snelling Cemetery, Minneapolis, MN21-Gun Salute, Ft. Snelling Cemetery, Minneapolis, MNBagpipe TapsTapsPresenting the FlagPurple Heart Wounded in ActionTomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlinlgton National Cemetery, Washington, DC