Dell Eriksson Photography, LLC | Beginnings
This Year Vacation in Beautiful, Exciting South Vietnam, 1968-695th Army, Ft. Leonardwood, MOLove that 16 and the Belt! Signal HillFinal Instructions Meeting, Coffee & Donuts, Nebraska Theater, Ft. Leonwood, MO311th HQ, Ft. Leonardwood, Stuffing Weighing Duffel Bags311th Farewell Parade, Preparing for the Ft. General311th Farewell Parade, Capt. Cover, Major Poe, Dr. Walker311th Farewell Parade Command SaluteA Final Goodby HugBoarding BussesBoarding Plane, McCord AFB, KansasOn the PlaneArrived Seattle AirportLeaving Seattle to AnchorageBay Approaching AnchorageArriving Anchorage AirportAnchorge Flight ScheduleAnchorage AirportAnchorage Airport Fuel TrucksLeaving Anchorage, Mt. Denali