Dell Eriksson Photography, LLC | Paisley Park Fence Remembrances #2/2
Blue Hat, Toronto, CanadaBlue Hats, Toronto, CanadaPersonal Letter & CardPurple Outcry Mission To ProtectPurple Outcry Mission To Protect, UpperPurple Outcry Mission To Protect, LowerPrince Card & RosesPurple Plate, Heaven, Car, Pleasant, MI. (use mirror to read)Adore You, United Kingdom, 2017Old Shirt, PadlockPurple ButterflyKisses & LocksKissesPadlock & Doves, LisaCrowns, My Prince, Wendy,  United KingdomInfinitely Thankful & Endlessly With Love, AustriaAutumn Maple LeavesNecklaces & Love SymbolSalvation: Ladder Of CandlesCreator Of Our Purple World