It's Been Five Months ...Baby You're A Star and Nothing Compares To YouPurple FeathersNorth Side Fire HydrantPurple Flower, Love You, LisaLil Peepers Purple Eared TeddybearPurple Lock & CorsageU R Forever ... Purple Locked to Fence, San JoseLove Locked To FenceNorthside TrailwayPurple Paper Clips Locking Memories, Overseen by Paisley SecurityLove 4 One Another, Purple FamilyWay Back Home, RevelationPurple & Green TriceratopsDreams & Memories, Corsage & Panties"Through Purple Rain and April Snow, Bay AreaLadder of Candles, Salvation of the SoulPrince Love Symbol Sunglasses, RIP"The Dawn", Your Music Has Touched My Life, SacramentoWelcome to the Dawn, "The Only Love There Is, Is The Love We Make."